Bourbon Flavor Wheel with flavors, mouthfeel, and alcohol burn

WHISKEY flavor wheel

Bourbon Flavor Wheel Download

Bourbon & Whiskey Tasting Wheel

Bourbon & Whiskey Flavor Wheels

Using a bourbon flavor wheel during a tasting can be very helpful in picking out flavors that are “on the tip of your tongue” but which you can’t quite put a name to. And there are a lot of websites and social media outlets that have flavor wheels available for whiskey lovers to use for tasting notes. After trying a number of them, I created my own, which uses some of the best aspects of the ones I saw.

I am making 3 versions available here for paid subscribers to download. Check them out below.

v1 – Complex Bourbon Flavor Wheel

This tasting wheel download has 172 flavors and sensations on its outer rim, everything from the common oak, fruit, and sweet notes to how “hot” the alcohol burn is and whether the mouthfeel is viscous, weak, or harsh.

I recommend using 3 colored pens (one for Nose, Palate, Finish) and draw arrows to the flavors/sensations that you detect. This method is used by Whiskey For the Ages (follow the link and scroll to the bottom of the page to see how they use this creative technique).

Bourbon Flavor Wheel with flavors, mouthfeel, and alcohol burn

v2 – B & W Version

Black & white version of the above wheel with all the same flavor profiles.

v3 – Simple Bourbon Flavor Wheel – Colored

This is a simplified version of the above wheel and is a representation of the more common bourbon tasting wheels you see.

Bourbon Tasting Wheel

v4 – Simple Bourbon Tasting Wheel – Black & White

This is almost identical to the above tasting wheel, except in black & white.

These bourbon flavor wheels are available for download to paid subscribers ($5.75/mo. – you can cancel any time). Click on the Get it Now button below, then click the Join Now button and follow the prompts to subscribe!

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4 months ago

Awesome flavor wheels!

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