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Bourbon Tasting Flight Sheet

Tasting Flight Notes

Having a bourbon tasting flight sheet available for friends and guests to document their tasting experience adds a touch of class and encourages conversation about the whiskeys being tasted.

A well-designed tasting sheet will include an area for each sample of whiskey or bourbon to record the name of the whiskey, the proof, age, appearance, nose, palate, finish, and final thoughts or rating.

While the purpose of a bourbon tasting flight sheet is to document the whiskeys and tasting experience, it is important to keep it relaxed and fun. Many people feel intimidated by the process, so keep it light-hearted, encourage people to volunteer what “impressions” the whiskey gives them, or “what flavors does it remind you of?”

According to an article by the Tasting Table, there are 9 “most common” tasting notes for bourbon. They include vanilla, wood & nuts, fruit, sweet flavors, smoke, grains & cereals, baking spices, herbal & floral, and lastly mouthfeel. But beyond these “starting point” flavor notes, there is an unlimited amount of tasting experiences and although some may be shared by multiple people, other flavor notes will be different for each person.

Various PDF Bourbon Tasting Flight Sheets Available for Download

If you become a paid subscriber ($5.75 per month…cancel any time) you have access to unlimited use of these sheets, plus other downloadable content as well. Each one is a downloadable, printable PDF. You can become a subscriber here.

If you want an even more professional look for your tasting flights, check out the Excel version of these sheets at the bottom of the page. The Excel version allows you to edit the sheets before you print, so you can enter the names of each whiskey, the proof, and age. That way all of the basic info is already printed on each sheet for your guests. Read more below.

6 Sample Whiskey Tasting Flight Sheet

Get this downloadable PDF for a flight of 6 bourbon or whiskey pours. For all sheets, you can print as many copies as you need for your tasting.

Bourbon Tasting Flight Sheet for 6 Bourbons to Taste

5 Sample Whiskey Tasting Flight Sheet

This sheet has room for 5 bourbon samples and is also a PDF.

Whiskey Tasting Flight Sheet for 5 Pours to Taste

4 Whiskey Tasting Flight Sheet

Downloadable PDF

Bourbon Tasting Flight Sheet for 4 Samples to Taste

3 Bourbon Tasting Flight Sheet

Downloadable PDF

Tasting Flight Sheet for 3 Bourbons or Whiskeys

Editable Excel Bourbon Tasting Flight Sheets

Excel Bourbon Tasting Flight Sheets for 3, 4, 5, and 6 sample events

The Excel download (you must have Excel on your computer) has all of the above tasting flight sheets on it. Each one is on a separate tab and each can be manually edited to change the bourbon name, proof, and age. This is especially helpful if you are doing a large group tasting. You can have the sheets printed with the exact line-up that you want for the flight and placed at each guest’s table when they arrive.

Also, check out the bourbon tasting wheels we have available to enhance your whiskey journey with friends. Using a tasting wheel at the same time with your tasting sheet will help stimulate your imagination and help discern some of those elusive flavors that are “on the tip of your tongue” but remain unnamed.

All of these tasting sheets are available for download to paid subscribers ($5.75/mo. – you can cancel any time). Click on the Get it Now button below, then click the Join Now button and follow the prompts to subscribe!

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