Stagg Jr Release Dates and Proofs


Stagg Jr Release Dates and Proofs

Find your Stagg release date & proof

Prior to the winter 2022 release of Stagg (no longer Stagg Jr after Batch 18, at which point Stagg Jr was considered to be an adult and the “Jr” designation was dropped from the label) it was difficult to know which Stagg Jr or Stagg you had, and the only way to figure it out was to search for the release date based on the proof of the batch. That ended with Batch 19 which was released in the winter of 2022 and it carried on the label the designation of Stagg 22B, indicating that it was the second release (batch B) of 2022. To find the Stagg Jr release dates and proofs of older Staggs, use our handy Stagg Jr batches list below.

Stagg Jr, and now simply Stagg, is released twice a year, most often in the Spring and Fall, but sometimes Spring and Winter. Each one is an uncut-unfiltered Small Batch Barrel Proof allocated release aged roughly 8 to 9 years. They have the reputation of being high proof and as expected from a barrel proof juice, the majority of them have a different proof rating (Stagg 22B [Batch 19] has the same proof as Batch 7).

For high-proofed whiskeys and bourbons like the Stagg Jr batches, some people suggest cracking it open, covering it with cheesecloth (to keep fruit flies out), and letting it breathe for 24 hours before re-corking it. Do a before and after taste test yourself to see if this process improves your sipping experience.

Stagg Jr Release Dates & Proofs

Stagg Jr BatchProofDate
Batch 23: Stagg 23C125.9Winter 2023
Batch 22: Stagg 23B127.8Fall 2023
Batch 21: Stagg 23A130.2Late Spring 2023
Batch 20: Stagg 22A132.2Early Spring 2023
Batch 19: Stagg 22B130.0Winter 2022
Batch 18: Stagg (first batch to drop “Jr.” on the label)131.0Winter 2022
Batch 17: Stagg Jr.128.7Fall 2021
Batch 16: Stagg Jr.130.9Spring 2021
Batch 15: Stagg Jr.131.1Fall 2020
Batch 14: Stagg Jr.130.2Spring 2020
Batch 13: Stagg Jr.128.4Fall 2019
Batch 12: Stagg Jr.132.3Spring 2019
Batch 11: Stagg Jr.127.9Fall 2018
Batch 10: Stagg Jr.126.4Spring 2018
Batch 9: Stagg Jr.131.9Fall 2017
Batch 8: Stagg Jr.129.5Spring 2017
Batch 7: Stagg Jr.130.0Fall 2016
Batch 6: Stagg Jr.132.5Spring 2016
Batch 5: Stagg Jr.129.7Fall 2015
Batch 4: Stagg Jr.132.2Spring 2015
Batch 3: Stagg Jr.132.1Fall 2014
Batch 2: Stagg Jr.128.7Spring 2014
Batch 1: Stagg Jr.134.4Fall 2013
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5 months ago

I love Stagg Jr! Currently have a 23B open and I’ve been enjoying it!

4 months ago

Top of my list for bottles to try, one day I will find it at an affordable price.

Robb Scofield
4 months ago

What does the L23065 01 7:33D mean on the bottom

It took me 6 months to finely to get a bottle

any information would be greatly appreciated

4 months ago

@robb. That’s the laser code which is the main identifier of the batch.

Last edited 4 months ago by Mark
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