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What is Cask Strength?

What does cask strength mean on a whiskey or bourbon label? (Hint…it’s the same as barrel proof.)

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What is Barrel Strength & Barrel Proof

What is the difference between barrel strength, cask strength, and barrel proof?

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What Does “Full Proof ”Mean?

Full Proof is different than Barrel Proof, Cask Strength, and Barrel Strength. Check out the difference.

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What Does “Single Barrel” Mean?

Does “single barrel” whiskey really mean that this whiskey or bourbon is from just one barrel?

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What Does “Small Batch” Mean?

What does “small batch” mean on a whiskey label and how many barrels are in a small batch? Does it matter?

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“Blended Straight Whiskey” Meaning

If a whiskey label says, “Blended Whiskey” or “Blended Straight Whiskey” what does it mean? Is there a difference?

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What is Straight Bourbon Whiskey?

What is the definition of a Straight Bourbon Whiskey?

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Bourbon Names and Mash Bills

Mash bill recipe list for many American Bourbons & Whiskeys

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How are Bourbon Legs Formed?

What creates bourbon legs or tears? What do the legs tell you about a bourbon or whiskey?

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What is Tennessee Whiskey?

What is the definition of a Tennessee Whiskey?

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