Bourbon Releases by Proof and Year

WHISKEY release years and proofs

Bourbon Releases by Proof

Info for the Bourbon enthusiast (bourbon nerd)!

If you are a bourbon enthusiast or a bourbon nerd, then you know that for some bourbons the only way to know which release you have is to look it up by its proof to determine which batch and year it is.

For instance, Stagg Jr. and George T. Stagg do not have a release year designation anywhere on the bottle. You have to look it up by its proof to find out when it was released. This makes building a collection, bragging about which release you have, or simply taking accurate tasting notes, a challenge.

To make this process easier, I’m in the process of adding complete lists of release dates and proofs. The list is posted below. If I’m missing one that you are looking for, leave a comment and I’ll try researching the info and add it.

List of Bourbon & Whiskey Release Dates and Proofs

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