Eagle Rare 17 year releases

eagle rare 17 batches

Eagle Rare 17 Year Batches and Proofs

The first release was in 2000

Eagle Rare 17 Year Old is an extra-aged version of the 10-year-old edition and it is part of Buffalo Trace’s annual Antique Collection releases.

Until 2018, Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old was bottled at 90 proof, which is the same as the 10-year-old version. But starting in 2018, Buffalo Trace increased the proof to 101, which is a welcome change for bourbon enthusiasts who like a higher proof bourbon, especially if it is a well-aged bourbon such as the 17 year.

The reason Buffalo Trace chose 101 proof is to make it a tribute to the same strength as the original Eagle Rare when the brand was launched in 1974, which was also 101 proof. According to Buffalo Trace, expect flavors of “cocoa, caramel, and oak.”

For detailed production notes, visit Distillery Trail.

Eagle Rare 17 Year Batches & Proofs

ReleasedProofBatch SizeYears Old
202310119 yr 3 mo
2022101??17 yr 5 mo
2021101??18 yr 6 mo
2020101??18 yr 3 mo
201910126 Barrels17 yr 3 mo
201810145 Barrels18 yr 4 mo
20179036 Barrels17 yr 3 mo
20169032 Barrels17 yr
20159026 Barrels17 yr
20149026 Barrels19 yr
20139025 Barrels19 yr
20129023 Barrels19 yr 1 mo
20119024 Barrels18 yr 7 mo
20109074 Barrels17 yr 7 mo
20099039 Barrels17 yr 4 mo
20089062 Barrels17 yr
20079044 Barrels19 yr
20069047 Barrels18 yr
20059036 Barrels17 yr
2004909 Barrels17 yr
20039029 Barrels17 yr
20029027 Barrels17 yr
200190??17 yr
200090??17 yr
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