Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Releases

elijah craig barrel proof batches

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Releases and Proofs

Thirty-one releases and going!

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is one of the bourbons that I will always hunt for and add to my shelf because they are always fantastic pours. They are released three times a year and although some batches may be better than others, but none are ever boring or lacking in flavor. They are bottled uncut at cask strength straight from the barrel and are not chill filtered.

The Elijah Craig brand statement is creative and interesting:

All Bourbons are crafted from four essential elements: Grain, Water, Fire & Time. But it takes expertise and ingenuity to transform them into unique and award-winning whiskeys. Our Master Distillers add “The Human Element.” In their hands, every expression of Elijah Craig is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

– Elijah Craig Distillery

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batches and Proofs

BatchProofAgeRelease Date
B524130.611 yr, 2 moMay 2024
A124119.010 yr, 9 moJanuary 2024
C923133.013 yr, 7 moSeptember 2023
B523124.211 yr, 5 moMay 2023
A123125.612 yrJanuary 2023
C922124.812 yrSeptember 2022
B522121.012 yrMay 2022
A122120.812 yrJanuary 2022
C921120.212 yrSeptember 2021
B521118.212 yrMay 2021
A121123.612 yrJanuary 2021
C920132.812 yrSeptember 2020
B520127.212 yrMay 2020
A120136.612 yrJanuary 2020
C919136.812 yrSeptember 2019
B519122.212 yrMay 2019
A119135.212 yrJanuary 2019
C918131.412 yrSeptember 2018
B518133.412 yrMay 2018
A118130.612 yrJanuary 2018
C917131.012 yrSeptember 2017
B517124.212 yrMay 2017
A117127.012 yrJanuary 2017
C916136.012 yrSeptember 2016
B516139.412 yrMay 2016
A116138.812 yrJanuary 2016
C915135.612 yrSeptember 2015
B515139.812 yrMay 2015
A215128.012 yrFebruary 2015
C914140.212 yrSeptember 2014
B514134.812 yrMay 2014
A314132.412 yrMarch 2014
C913133.212 yrSeptember 2013
B713137.012 yrJuly 2013
A313134.212 yrMarch 2013
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