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Larceny Barrel Proof Release Dates and Proofs

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Larceny Barrel Proof

Need to know which Larceny you have and how many releases have been produced? Check out our list of Larceny Barrel Proof Release Dates and Proofs below.

Larceny is a wheated bourbon and is one of over twenty brands of whiskey products produced by Heaven Hill Distillery, and the Larceny brand has two different products, the regular 92 proof Larceny Small Batch, and the much higher proof Larceny Barrel Proof which is an allocated product produced 3 times a year in January, May, and September and labeled as Batch A, B, and C along with the corresponding month & year, so Batch B523 was released in May 2023.

The standard 92 proof Larceny was first released in 2012 and the allocated Barrel Proof version was first released in January 2020.

Larceny Barrel Proof Release Dates & Proofs

BatchRelease DateProof
A124January 2024124.2
C923September 2023126.4
B523 May 2023124.4
A123January 2023125.8
C922September 2022126.6
B522May 2022123.8
A122January 2022124.4
C921September 2021112.6
B521May 2021121.0
A121January 2021114.8
C920September 2020122.4
B520May 2020122.2
A120January 2020123.2

Be sure to check out our Larceny B523 review!

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David LaRue
2 months ago

This is a great resource and much appreciated! I have to say, I preferred the Larceny C923 over the Elijiah Craig. Agree?

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