Makers Mark Wood Finishing Series Releases and Proofs

Maker’s Mark wood finishing series

Makers Mark Wood Finishing Series Releases and Proofs

Batches & Proofs

The Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series began in 2019 and ended in 2023, with a total of 7 different batches released. Each bourbon in the series used 10 custom oak staves of varying types and combinations to create different flavor profiles. The oak staves that were used were Virgin American Oak and Virgin French Oak. For some batches they were toasted, other batches were not toasted, sometimes toasted on one side and raw on the other, and sometimes heat-treated in two different ways to extract different flavor profiles.

All Maker’s Mark bourbons are wheated bourbons (70% corn, 16% wheat, 14% malted barley).

Makers Mark Wood Finishing Series Batches & Proofs

BatchDateProofStave Profile
RC62019108.2 – 110.5a cryptic proprietary stave profile of “RC6”
SE4 x PR52020110.82 stave profiles, one accentuating vanilla, the other, caramel
FAE-012021110.6Single-Toasted (one side) French Oak
FAE-022021109.1Double heat-treated (with infrared, then a flame) French Oak
BRT-012022109.4American Oak staves, top of the rickhouse
BRT-022022109.4French Oak staves, bottom of the rickhouse
BEP2023110.7American Oak staves, 110 proof entry into the barrels
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