Parker's Heritage Collection releases

parker’s heritage batches

Parker’s Heritage Collection Releases

List of Parker’s Heritage releases

Each year, as a tribute to the late Heaven Hill Master Distiller Parker Beam, Heaven Hill Distillery proudly creates a special whiskey as part of their Parker’s Heritage Collection releases. This collection is a celebration of Parker Beam’s exceptional skill and passion for crafting outstanding whiskeys.

The selection process for this series is meticulous, with barrels chosen from a variety of whiskey types including Bourbon, Rye, and Wheat Whiskeys. These barrels are carefully curated to showcase the finest and most diverse range of flavors and characteristics.

The Parker’s Heritage Collection stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into creating exceptional whiskeys. Whiskey enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing a range of flavors and profiles with each edition of the Parker’s Heritage Collection. From rich and robust Bourbons to spicy and complex Rye Whiskeys, this collection offers something for every palate.

By continuing this tradition year after year, Heaven Hill Distillery aims to preserve the legacy of Parker Beam while providing whiskey lovers with an opportunity to savor some of the finest and most diverse whiskeys available.

Parker’s Heritage Collection Releases

Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey#17 2023128.8
Double Barreled Blend Bourbon#16 2022132.2
11 Year Heavy Char Wheat Whiskey#15 2021122
10-Year Heavy Char Bourbon#14 2020120
8-Year Heavy Char Rye Whiskey#13 2019105
Orange Curaçao Finish Whiskey#12 2018110
11 Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon#11 2017122
24 Year-Old
Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon
#10 2016100
8-Year Malt Whiskey#9 2015108
13-Year Original Batch
Wheat Whiskey
#8 2014127.4, 126.8, 135
Promise of Hope Bourbon#7 201396
Blend of Mashbills Bourbon#6 2012131.6, 133.2, 137.9, 139.4
Cognac Finish Whiskey#5 2011100
10-Year Wheated Bourbon#4 2010127.8, 124.2
Golden Anniversary Bourbon#3 2009100
27-Year-Old Bourbon#2 200896
Cask Strength Bourbon#1 2007121.4, 122.6,
126.6, 127.4,

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